Sugo is the restaurant I go to 6 out of 7 nights a week for dinner (it is closed on Mondays) because we get to eat there for free! It is a great deal, they give us coupons for 20 euros for each dinner.

Outside view


It is a really cool restaurant, mostly outside with a small inside section (unfortunately, tonight they only had room for us inside). Here is what the restaurant looks like outside

Outside dining area

Outside dining area, with girl staring at me

They have a lot of good food, but one thing I found interesting is that they don’t serve pasta. The reason is that they are a dinner restaurant, and apparently pasta is more of a lunch food in Italy. Or so they say. Here is the menu


Menu, left half

Menu, right half

Tonight, dinner was very good. For my first course I ordered the Tavalazzo Sugo per uno (Sugo plate for one). It was basically an assortment of different first course dishes. It had some pesto risotto, fried vegetables, a grape wrapped in prosciutto, some potatoes that were similar to scalloped potatoes, a small piece of eggplant covered in cheese, and a ball of fried cheese. It was very good!

Tavalazzo Sugo

For my main course I had two dishes. One was cannoloni filled with provolone cheese, speck (a smoked ham), and zucchini. The other was a small pizza topped with mozzarella and stracchino cheeses, prosciutto, and arugula. It was also very good, and I washed it all down with a glass of red wine.

Cannoloni and Pizza


I didn’t leave much behind.

No leftovers


Tonight I had two very lovely dinner companions. My teammate, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Daniela.

I was the third wheel


Afterward, we went for some gelato. I got stracciatella and fiodilatte (chocolate chip and vanilla).

My gelato

 Multo buono!


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