Typical work day

So today we had a pretty typical “work” day. And it’s been a long one. We started out at 9am when we left our apartment for weighlifting. We started at 9:30, and finished up around 11. Then I showered, got cleaned up, and came back to the apartment where I dropped my stuff off, took some clothes out of the washer I had put in before I left, and then took off for lunch. By now it is a little before noon.

I went with some guys to a small restaurant called Poeta for lunch. I eat lunch here every day because, like Sugo, it is free! (will follow up with a Poeta posting soon) Today I had gnocchi with tomato basil sauce and a cheeseburger. However, my cheeseburger came without a bun or toppings, as do most cheeseburgers here (doesn’t seem right, I know). 

Then I came back to my apartment, and by now it is about 1:30. I jump in bed, put my feet up, and try to catch up on the outside world. Read and send some emails, look at facebook, and do a little reading. At 2:30 I start getting ready for practice, and we leave at 3. Our gym is just a few minutes away, and we get practice started at about 3:30 and go til around 6. I shower, change, throw some ice bags on and leave. I stop by the atm on the way home and get back around 7. Again, I come up to my apartment, drop off my stuff, and then head out to get a bite to eat. Sugo was closed tonight, so we went to a small Kebab joint down the street. Pretty yummy! 

After that, walked down the street and stopped into a bar for a beer (don’t worry, I just had one). By the time I got back to my room, it was almost 9:30. So all in all, a pretty busy day. Luckily tomorrow we are free until 4pm, so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some rest, a little reading, and maybe even some blogging! Buona notte!


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