Vibo Valentia

This weekend we are playing two friendly matches against Vibo Valentia, another team from A1. They are from the south (deep south) of Italy, and we made the trek down here today — an 8 hour drive by bus. We just got here half an hour ago, and we are leaving in 45 min for the first match. We play them again tomorrow night, and then leave right after to drive home through the night. The drive wasnt too bad, I did a lot of reading on my Kindle and we stopped halfway through for a very good lunch at a nice restaurant. 

Unfortunately, our team has an odd number of people, and one of the rooms had to have 3 players in it… mine. I am rooming with Jordan (as seen in the Sugo post), and Daniele, our back-up libero. On another note, I beat Jordan in poker last night. He went all in hoping to get a straight on the river, but I took him down with a flush. What an idiot. 

I will post some more pictures soon, and the match results.


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