We Win!

Tonight we beat Vibo Valentia in 4 sets (we lost the second). They were a very good team, and I thought overall we played pretty well. It was pretty close in all of the sets, and it usually came down to one serving run for either team. Tonight was still a friendly exhibition, so both teams used a fair amount of substitutes. But as of now, I am the teams only opposite, so I played the whole match. I got so sweaty that sweat was leaking through the bottom of my shoes… not great playing conditions. 

We play again tomorrow night at 7pm. Here is the link to the short article on tonight’s game http://www.top-volley.net/. This is also my team’s homepage, and there is a permanent link to it at the bottom of the blog. It is all in Italian, but some web browsers such as google chrome will translate it for you.


3 thoughts on “We Win!

  1. Haha I’m sorry for laughing but sweating through your shoes?! That doesn’t sound very fun! Love reading your blog though. Hopefully will see you when I visit Max (maybe you will be playing in his city). All the best.

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