We won! Tonight we beat Sisley Belluno in 4 for our first victory in as many games this season. We lost the first, where we made a lot of errors, but we had started to come back towards the end of the set. We got a great start in the second, and from there on out, we led almost the whole time. But it was a good match, we played really well. I wasn’t expecting to start, but right before the game the coach told me I was starting, and I played the whole match. I even ended up getting MVP haha. Don’t know how that happened. 

Our team is very excited with the win, apparently Belluno is a very good team, so this is a very good win for us. Now we are on the bus home, we will probably get to Latina around 6 am. Yikes! Tomorrow we have the day off, then we start preparing for next week’s match, against none other that my best buddy Riley McKibbin! Can’t wait!

I believe there is an article on the Latina Homepage, linked in the right sidebar.


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