Big Day Today!

Today is a very big day. There is a lot going on in the world of Murphy. I will start with the most obvious.

First, we have our second match of the season tonight, against San Giustino. They lost last weekend, but they are a very good team, and I think it will be a very tough match. But we are playing at home, which is good. And also, I will be playing against my good friend Riley, who I got to see earlier today at the gym. So there are a lot of bragging rights on the table tonight.

Secondly, Blair is taking the LSAT today back in California. She’s been studying all summer, and today’s the day. Her test starts at about the same time as our match, so make sure you are sending out a lot of positive vibes for us both. 

Finally, the Cardinals are in the playoffs! Who would have thought that 3 weeks ago? I don’t think I will be able to watch it, but hopefully I will find the scoring online.( Baseball is not very popular here. There are only two other people on my team who know who Albert Pujols is…)

Like I said, today is a very big day.


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