First Loss

Lost a tough one to San Giustino in 5 last night. They are a very good team, and it would have been a nice win. I think we just made too many errors down the stretch. San Giustino’s starting opposite tore his ACL last weekend, so we were thinking going into the match that they would be somewhat weak at that position. But their backup opposite ended up lighting us up. We couldn’t seem to find an answer for him, and he scored like 26 points.

We won games 1 and 4, and we were right in it in the 5th until they scored three straight points to go up 9-6. Then they ran away with it from there. I played the entire first two sets, but then sparingly after that. I got to talk to Riley after the game, so that was a positive. We both seem to be liking where we’re at and had a lot of similar experiences/stories to share (mostly making fun of Italians). 

Anyways, here’s an action shot from the game! I really need to get a haircut. 

Going up for a spike!


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