Long Overdue: Driving Lessons, Changing of Seasons, and Another Win!

Sorry for taking so long to upload a new post — it seems like the weeks are getting busier these days. But the good (or bad) news is that I have a lot to write about!

First things first, last night we got our second win of the season, a 3-0 sweep of Verona! From what I can tell so far from the league, there are about 3 or 4 teams that seem to be the best: Trentino, Cuneo, Manceratta (sp?) and Modena. Aside from those 4, I think the other 10 teams are relatively equal in strength. So, all of those games will be tough for us, and they are going to be the most important, so that we can separate ourselves from the pack. So last night’s win was big, and it was even better that we won in 3 because we get more points for a sweep (our league standings are based on points. you get a certain amount for winning in 3, winning 4, losing in 5, and so forth). I got pretty limited playing time, but it was still a fun win. 

Another new development for me is that I have begun to drive my car. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty scary the first couple times. Up until this week, I had been pretty pathetic just trying to get out of my parking spot. But I went a practiced a couple times, just starting and stopping, getting used to the clutch, and eventually shifting into second gear. After a little while I felt comfortable enough to take it to the streets, and drove my hot ride (see picture) to practice a few times this week! Some days were better than others. One day I didn’t stall once, both to and from practice. Another, I stalled 7 times…. But it was a fun (sometimes stressful) experience. There was one time where I stalled twice consecutively while at a stoplight, and prevented all the cars behind me from going through an entire green light. I got a few honks, probably even more dirty words that I didn’t hear. Sorry!

My lovely ride

 Finally, the most noticeably new happening here in Latina is the weather. Last week, it was still pretty hot (probably mid 80’s F), but now it seems like fall is finally here. The last 3 or 4 days have been cool and crisp, with temperatures at night dipping down into the high 40’s. I am really enjoying the change, and I’m looking forward to a long fall. There is a decent amount of greenery here so hopefully we will get some nice leaf changes, but who knows. 

As for today, we have the day off. I took a long walk this morning to the mall, where I picked up some salt and pepper in the hopes of cooking dinner tonight. However, I went from the mall to Poeta to have lunch with a teammate, and I accidentally left the shakers at the table. I hope they enjoy my donation. Maybe I’ll just eat out tonight. 

Ciao my friends!


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