Surprise Halloween Party

Here are some pictures from the “surprise” halloween party my teammates threw at my apartment last night. I guess since I had been talking so much about Halloween (if people were going to dress up, should we have a party, etc.), they decided to throw a surprise Halloween party. I didn’t really tell them that surprise Halloween parties don’t exist, but that’s ok because it was still really fun. 

Michel, one of our setters, was the supposed brains behind the operation. He got everyone else involved, and they got a spare key to my apartment from the team manager. While I was at dinner with Andreas, they all hid in my apartment, wearing masks, holding streamers, and having stocked the kitchen with beer, champagne, and snacks. Andreas asked to come up to my apartment to borrow a movie from me (it seemed perfectly natural at the time), and then when I went in to turn the lights on in my bedroom, everyone jumped out in masks and scared the crap out of me. An ingenious part of the plan was that they planted a hidden camera to capture my reaction. I will post a link to it once I can get a copy, it is pretty funny. 

Anyways, here are the pictures as promised. Note that some of them were taken by Enrico while everyone was hiding in my room (he stole my camera!). It ended up being a really fun night, and a perfect way to celebrate Halloween in Italy.


One thought on “Surprise Halloween Party

  1. Hi Murphy, How are you doing? I was just wondering if you will be talking to your teammates about the Indians, the pilgrims and pumkin pie. I can’t wait to see how they interpret Thanksgiving. How are the games going?

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