Pictures from Roma!

Ok, hopefully all goes well with this post attempt. Here are some pictures from Rome from a couple weeks ago with Riley, his dad Angus, Uncle Adrian, and myself. The trip was awesome, and I will try to document it in three parts: Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Rome was my favorite city. I haven’t exactly travelled the world, but I have yet to see a place like it, where every street you turn down is beautiful and full of history. St. Peter’s Basilica is probably the greatest man-made thing I have ever seen. The size, architecture, and infinite amount of beautiful artwork inside are all incredible. It is almost too much to take in, and even though we were there for a couple hours, I don’t think it was enough time to really appreciate everything. Also the Vatican museum and the Sistine Chapel. My neck might have hurt a little bit afterwards from looking up at the ceiling, but it was worth it. Gorgeous. And again, a seemingly infinite number of great works of art.

Other highlights of the city:

Churches — Rome has hundreds of churches that are aesthetically incredible. Before going there, I had maybe seen 2 or 3 similar ones in my life, and there I saw a dozen, often by just stopping in a random one off the street. The artwork, architecture, and grandeur of them all are definitely something worth seeing.

Food — We had some great food in Rome. Seafood pastas, steaks, pizzas, and a lot of great wine. Adrian and Angus took us to a couple great restaurants and we had some really fun dinners.

Relaxation — We spent a good amount of time having drinks, sharing laughs, and enjoying some good old American conversation which I missed in my first couple months here. We saw a lot in Rome, but it never felt like we were pressing too much or going too hard. Great trip.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Roma!

  1. Mom loved looking at the pictures of Rome. It reminded her of our trip in 08. Send more pictures of Venice and Florence. Can tell that you are having fun.

  2. Hi Murphy!. I just want you to know that I am very happy that you are having a whale of a time in Italy, on and off the volleyball court. Please, stay always humble and healthy, and come back to America stronger to defend our national team in a near future. OK!. Wish you all the best!.

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