Riley photographs my back very well

 To close out my “Itaian Trip” series, here is a look at my time in Venezia (Venice). Venice was a really cool city. To be more accurate, it was a cool small island. Very small. But definitely a must see for anyone visiting Italy. I think it was perfect place to round out our trip, because by this point I think we were a little tired from all of the walking, sightseeing, train rides and late nights. Although we did a lot of walking in Venice, we didn’t do a whole lot of “doing.” It’s a perfect place for walking around, drinking coffee, eating pizza, and just enjoying the view. Probably due to the fact that there is not a single car on the island, there’s a much more peaceful and relaxed feel to the place. 

My highlights of the trip: taking the “bus” (boat) through the Grand Canal on our way to the hotel; great rooftop and canal views from our balcony; small coffeeshops, one of which was older than the U.S.; lots of pizza; walking through all of the small “streets” and alleyways (“getting lost” might be a more accurate description); we went to a wine shop that poured wine into waterbottles to carry around and drink (legally!); drinking a bellini (champagne and peach juice) at Harry’s Bar, the alleged founder of the drink

Well, it only took me about a month to get up all the pictures from the trip! Here are the ones from Venice. Ciao!


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