Blair in Latina

Ready for a re-cap of all the crazy things I have been doing in Latina these last two months? Where to begin. How about New Year’s Eve, Blair’s second night in Latina.

With Michel, one of our team's setters

We had a team dinner, and then went to a New Year’s party at a hotel that’s very close to our apartment.

Blair with all the other girlfriends, wives, and a daughter. And Jose is trying to duck out of the picture.

On the balcony for champagne and fireworks.

Other things Blair and I did in Latina….

She came to volleyball games or course!

Nice American sign in the background

After the win against Rome, with scoreboard in the background. And after my nice haircut.

Posing for the camera

We also ate and drank with friends….

Out with the gang! With some inappropriate art in the background.

With Kuba and his friend Wojtek.

Now just the guys!

We cooked at home…


Gnocchi with sausage ragu

Breaded chicken, pasta with fresh tomato sauce, and roasted zucchini

We even had a photo shoot at the beach!

Then we tried some jumping pictures with the camera timer...

... didn't really work out.


Some great times in Latina! Next stop, Romaaaa.





3 thoughts on “Blair in Latina

  1. David, David, David!
    Way to bring it all down!

    How exciting your new life Murphy! Love the Volleyball clips!


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