Blair in Verona

For our team’s match in Verona a couple months ago, Blair took the train up to see the game, and then we stayed the night there and saw the city the next day. It was a nice little getaway, and Verona was a really cool city. First, Blair got the real Italian experience because she was met at the train station by Chiara (girlfriend of Michelle Guemart, one of our team’s setters) and Daniela (ex-girlfriend of Jordan Galabinov, one of our outside hitters). Together with the girls, Blair was taken to Daniela’s house in Verona, where she lives with her family. They had (from what I hear) a great, multiple-course home-cooked meal as well as some great, broken-english conversation. Blair loved it, and it was probably the most exciting part of her day since we got clobbered that night by Verona in 4 sets. We were lucky it wasn’t 3.

Anyway, here are some pictures from Verona, the city of Juliet! On a side note, Happy Easter to everyone at home. We are in the middle of playoffs, just having won our first match last night. We play again tomorrow night, and it could determine if I come home or stay for another here for another week or so. Hope to see everyone soon!


2 thoughts on “Blair in Verona

  1. how exciting. the broken English conversations take me back to my youth. What fun.

    Happy Easter to both of you.

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