Guess who???

Hello everyone! Today is February 20th, 2013, almost four months exactly since my last blog post. Wow.

Sorry to everyone for my absence. You know how these things go: “I’ll do it later.”
“Ok, I’ll watch an episode of Homeland first and THEN I’ll do it.”
“We have a long bus ride tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll get bored and do it then.”

The next thing you know it’s Valentines day. Well I say to that, NO MORE! It’s time to focus on the present and gettin things done that are important to us. Like talking to my peeps.

Hello, peeps.

Right now I’m on a bus ride home from Piacenza, about 6 or 7 hours north of Latina. We just finished dinner after a match that, well, we’ll say it wasn’t pretty. As they say, a learning experience. From the way things went tonight, we had a lot to learn.

But things are still looking ok for us. We are still a shoe-in for playoffs, and next week we’re goin to Turkey for the finals of the CEV Cup (an intra-European competition we’ve been participating all year in addition to the Italian league). And in a couple weeks, playoffs start! Exciting stuff!

So before I ramble on and scare away the few dedicated readers I still have, I’ll bring this to a close. So thanks for your patience guys, and I will do my best to reward it. More good stuff is on the way!




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