CEV Cup Final!

Big game tonight. It’s the first game of the CEV Cup Final.

Our opponent: Halkbank Ankara from Ankara, Turkey. Their top player is Reid Priddy, long-time outside hitter and former captain of the US National Team. So we’ll have our hands full.

Here’s how the Cup works. We play one match here and one match there (in Ankara). After that, if one team has won both, they are crowned the winner. If we split 1-1, then we play what’s called a “Golden Set”. It’s one game to 15, winner take all. And it will take place right after the second match (so, in this case, in Ankara). On our road to the finals, we have played in and won 3 Golden Sets. Pretty intense stuff.

Here’s where the match will be live-streamed: Laola1.tv

8:30pm Local time, 1:30pm CST, 11:30am PST .




Poster cev final


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