Off to Japan!

I’m leaving France! Well, for a couple weeks anyway. It’s time to go join the U.S. National Team in Japan for the Grand Champions Cup. It’s a tournament that we qualified for in September in Canada, and now there’s a week-long tournament in Japan. The timing is a little strange, to take a break during the middle of the season for a National Team tournament. But, it keeps things exciting! 

So right now I’m in Montpelier, in the south of France. We played last night (an ugly 3-0 loss… not too much to report), and we’re leaving here in a few hours. I’ll travel with the team back to Nantes (which is near St. Nazaire), then catch a flight to Paris, and from there, a 12-hour flight to Tokyo. So it’s going to be a long day. I’ll end up spending about 23 hours in airports and planes. 

It’s kind of exciting to have a break in the middle of the season like this. I’ll get to see some of my American friends, see a new country, and play against some really high-level competition — the best in the world. The teams that will be there: U.S., Russia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and Iran. It’s a round-robin style tournament with the winner crowned at the end. I’m excited for some great matches, to see Tokyo for the first time, and to eat some good sushi! 

Let’s do this!


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