Sorry that I haven’t written in a while, but if it is possible to have an excuse, then this post will tell you all about it. My visitors!

It started with Blair. She got here about a week before Christmas, and it happened to align with my team’s free time for Christmas. So the day after she got here, we set out on a train for Paris.



Paris was awesome. It was my second time being there, but I still wanted to see all the main tourist sites again. The views were amazing, the food was amazing, and it was just great getting to spend some time with Blair again. Paris is a really tough city to beat.


IMG_2354 IMG_2400

After a couple days in Paris, we took off for Strasbourg. Strasbourg is in the East of France, on the border of Germany, and is known for having the largest Christmas markets in France. It was basically like a Christmas-themed Disneyland for grown-ups. We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of German food, and drank a lot of hot, mulled wine. It’s cool being in a place so Christmas-y for the holidays, it really gets you in the holiday spirit!






So we were in Strasbourg for 2 days, then it was BACK to Paris! This time we weren’t alone. First we met up with some friends….



And then on Christmas Eve, Blair’s family arrived to really get the Holidays going!



Christmas in Paris was really fun. We ate some really good food, but mostly it was nice spending Christmas with Blair and her family. Last year my family came out to Italy, and this was my first Christmas without seeing any of them. So I’m glad that the Tarnutzers (and Oliver) made it feel like a big, family Christmas.



After Christmas, it was back to Saint Nazaire and volleyball practice once again. But, we did get to fit in one sweet New Year’s Eve party before the Tarnutzers left.

IMG_0098_2 IMG_0097_2


After that, Blair and I had a little more time before she went back to school. I showed her around town to my favorite places. Here’s one of them, the beach (it was windy)!



But alas, law school beckoned and Blair had to go back. But luckily I had another visitor… my sister!



We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating crepes and drinking wine, and getting to see some nearby towns (that are very old).

IMG_0578 IMG_0560


With all my traveling with the National team last summer, I haven’t seen Sadie since Christmas 2012! So it was great having her here, and she even got to see me play in 2 matches. I introduced her to a lot of French food, and here was one of my favorites…. Mussels with bacon and french fries!



And now, here I am, all alone again. But things are good, I still have my teammates to hang out with. Last week we went to a movie (Dallas Buyer’s Club). It was in English with French subtitles, which I guess isn’t the popular method of seeing movies here.



So here’s to movies in English and volleyball for the next few months! (Next post about volleyball, I promise)





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