A good week

It was a nice week here in Saint Nazaire. So nice, that I figured I might write about it.

First, we had our first doses of nice weather in what seems like a long time. The benefits of living by the water here is that it never quite gets cold enough for snow or ice. The downside is that you get a heavy dose of rain and wind. And I don’t really mind the rain here, I’ve actually grown pretty accustomed to it. But being as far north as we are, the days are shorter than I’m used to, so you really appreciate the sun when you get it. Not to mention, being by the beach makes a sunny day a great day for sightseeing.

In Friday we had the morning free and the weather was perfect. Sunny, maybe 60 degrees. Not t-shirt weather just yet, but good enough to go exploring. I found a new beach path and decided to take it for a walk.


The views were great. It was a great way to stretch the legs and see a little but of the area.

Also this week, some guys on our team got together for a pot luck style dinner. It was fun, and in typical French fashion it lasted three hours. It also made me realize something: my growing appreciation for stinky cheese. France is known for it’s cheese, and growing up, I was known for my picky appetite. My parents were lucky if they got me to eat string cheese. Now, I’ve really started to like strong, salty, and even really smelly cheeses. I don’t know what did it to me, but I find myself eating things that smell like feet, and asking for seconds.


Finally, we had a great week of practice. They were tough, we worked hard, and got better. And as it is in the majority of my experiences, that led to a good team performance in the match yesterday. We beat Montpelier 3-1, giving us a much needed win after dropping the last few. Every week will be tough from here on out as we battle for a playoff spot. Let’s hope every week can be as good as this last one!





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